The claim ‘100% waterproof’ is a bold statement. In our view this can only be said about something akin to a dry bag - a product made with unbreathable, synthetic materials with RF welded seams, minimal panels and minimal openings. Something that can be submerged below water.

Our bags are not 100% waterproof in this sense but they are highly water resistant. Cotton canvas is naturally water resistant; the fibres of the fabric are tightly spun and swell when wet preventing water from passing through. When a finish is added to the cotton canvas the waterproof performance is increased. Cotton canvas plus wax equals one resistant fabric. And unlike synthetic materials that break down over time (remember that cheap sports rucksack that degraded from the inside out?) wax can be reapplied again and again, bringing new life to the bag and saving the planet by not throwing products away.

We use roll-top closures on many of our products because they are great. They allow versatility in carrying capacity but also provide a waterproof closure and most importantly a closure that isn’t going to break over time. The most important function of a bag is the ability to carry - if the main compartment has a broken zip it is more than likely game over for said bag. Where we do use zips we spec YKK waterproof zips - high quality and reliable.

Britain is a great testing ground for outdoor equipment with all 4 seasons often seen in a single day. We have cycled, walked, run and explored with all of our products to ensure we are happy with the performance. We know you will be too.