Pannier Fitment

- Your new panniers attach to your rack on a 'triangular' mounting system. The two upper hooks sit on the rack’s upper bar, and the lower hook (attached to the length of elastic) needs to hook through a lower point to stop the bag from coming off unintentionally.

- If the lower hook can’t attach onto the rack itself, then the easiest way to create this third fixing point is to undo the lower bolts of the pannier rack, then tighten up with a metal P-Clip between the rack and the bolt head on each side.

rack without lower hook fixing point

p-clip fitted under bolt head

p-clip fitted under bolt head - close-up


- To attach the panniers to your bike, hook the lower hook through it’s mounting point, holding the bag from the upper loop of webbing. Then pull up, putting the elastic cord under tension and clip the two upper hooks onto the rack.

- Depending on the relationship between the upper hooks and the position of the lower hook, the elastic length may need to be adjusted.

  • The elastic is too loose if you can easily lift the two upper hooks up off the rack when the lower hook is engaged.
  • The elastic is too tight if the bag can’t be pulled up far enough to get the two upper hooks over the upper bar of the rack.

    - To adjust, undo a knot on one side and re-tie in a location that gives adequate tension.

    elastic cord at supplied length

    elastic under greater tension

    - If the lower hook pulls against the lower webbing band when off the bike, then disengage the hook to prevent damage.

    lower hook disengaged from webbing


    - Please drop us an email or contact us if you have any issues.

    Happy riding!