Bespoked 2017 - The UK Handmade Bike Show

Bespoked UK was Purple Patch Workshop’s first hands-on exposure to the world. And what a fantastic experience it was!

We didn’t know if show timings would work well for us last year and ended up missing the deadline for the main exhibitor area. Luckily Phil and Tessa had a plan for accessory and apparel related exhibitors in the form of a ‘marketplace’ area which allowed us to make a later decision and still be part of Bespoked 2017.

We were overwhelmed with the positivity and encouragement received from visitors and other exhibitors. Really encouraging comments were made about our use of traditional and natural materials, our ability to customise products and the fact everything was made in-house, a few hundred metres from the Engine Shed!

We also tried to listen to everyone’s wise words about bicycle luggage, opinions about bike set up and stories of adventure. It was awesome to hear it all.

For everyone that came to chat or check out what we’d been up to - thank you!

All the best,
Josh and Jacob